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>> the u.s. death toll from hate's earthquake is rising. there have been 100 americans killed and crews are going through the rubble to recover the dead. meantime, survivors are experiencing major sappitation problems. human feces, bugs and trash and debris are on the ground. a sign of progress. according to the u.n., more police officers went back to work and port-au-prince is relatively secure. a shakeup at the d.c. animal shirt and we told but peta filing a complaint with the city, accusing the shelter of mistreating animals. the washington humane society said that gilman was placed he and two others left over the weekend. the humane society won't comment on why they left and calling it a personnel matter. be smart about using your smartphone. the warning from d.c. police
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saying street robbers are on the rise and the hot target for criminals right now, iphones and other pdas. police are urging people to use common sense and be aware of their surroundings. what will you be driving in the future? the answer mean here. as we take you inside the washington auto show next. and police break up a dan party. did the cops violate the rights? what a judge has to say about that after the break. 
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following breaking news out of the auto industry. toyota is suspending sales of eight models of cars involved in a recall. the company recalled the eight vehicles last week do you to a problem with the accelerator pedal sticking. the recall includes 2.3 million vehicles, including the rav 4, toyota camry, avalon,
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highlander and sequoia. the toyota is suspending sales of all of those vehicle. we will bring it to you as we learn more. general motors is sealing a deal to sell the saab brand. the fox business network is reporting that spiker will buy saab. gm is trying to unload saab as part of the bankruptcy restructuring. out with the old and the new. the washington auto show showing off the latest technologies and live at the auto show with a look into the future. >> reporter: the sad part is is that i have to work and don't get to come and play. there is truly something for everyone here at the washington auto show. 700 cars over 9-acres on two floors and looking at the ford festiva. a lot of new advances here and for everyone, the $8,000 hyundai
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and a rolls-royce bently and here, it takes on a different focus, you know, a lot of lawmakers will visit on the taxpayer and to talk to manufacturers about meeting policy goals and how are we going to increase fuel efficiency by 40% or how are we going to reduce our carbon footprint. this year, the auto show is big on alternative fuels and that is devoted the most for -- to an area called the alternative fuel superhighway and there is where you can see the prototypes and concept cars. there are two all-electric vehicles, the nissan leaf and chevy volt available to consumers in 2010. there is about five vehicles there that they're working on in terms of prototypes and those things and for coolers who are not ready to embrace the plug-in car just yet, there are new technologies that will allow gas combustion engines to get more miles per gallon and to burn, the cleaner and so that you're using gas technology and it's actually
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working better for on you that ole technology now. the auto show goes on for 95 days year. -- here. one of the things, it does run through the weekend and on sunday. if you are the kind of person that looks to touch and feel and get inside, it runs until 9:00 in the evenings during the week and that is probably your best bet for being able to come in here and get that involved experience with the car, laura? >> good tip, melnie, thank you very much. nice rides down there it looks like. thanks. >> yes, they are. no dancing allowed at the jefferson memorial. that is the ruling from a federal judge. here's tossing out a lawsuit that grew from a bizarre birthday party. you may remember this home video from in april of 2008. a group of people met up at the jefferson memorial dancing silently to the ifoods -- on ipods. the park police brock up the party. she sued and the judge is
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citing with a law saying the memorial is said to be a trank quill place and where people can contemplate the legacy. exactly right. and that is going to be the place to be. >> we think there is going to be a threat for some snow, laura. >> okay. >> and some models are keeping it south and there is descent snow and for somebody. will it be for our area? it's a little early to say at this point. we'll keep you posted on that and we know the timing to watch this is friday and into saturday. will it be friday morning? friday afternoon and that is still an issue when it's tuesday. have patience with us. we try to nail the details down and as we get closer to the event and look look friday into saturday and there is potential
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for some accumulating snow the models are keeping itsouth, meaning the best snow mean south of d.c. and we going to say right now, somewhere in the mid-atlantic and to the airlininas annarrow it down friday into saturday and that is going to get colder, though. one good thing, it's not like we're going to be worried about the jane -- rain-snow line and look coal enough for snow and with one last piece of energy and that is colder on the other side. we have winter weather advisories up here. we didn't have to worry about the precip. it was too warm for anything to stick. in the mountains, the winter weather advisory will continue until 3 in the morning and in bayered, west virginia, 6 and suninches of snow has fallen and you may get another one to two and most may get an additional one to two. the cold air is coming, though, and we can see this on the map and they back in the northern plains and one degrees in
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international falls, 20 chicago. this is trickling into the east and taking a few days before doing that. you can see the snow for the mountains, the mix of rain and snow showers. for the most part, spotty now and that is going to continue in the mountains and this is not our weekend storm. just now, coming into l.a. south of san francisco and this will be making the west to east track and watching for it to take shape around texas on thursday and max hd future cast, notice we continue a little bit of snow shower activity overnight into the first part of 2 the morning for the mountains and it wering our attention to the south. part one is down. we have air cold enough to support snow. part two, a southern storm is brewing. we' wait and see if that passes to the south and flurries or accumulation. we know for tomorrow, it will be a chilly start and should be a brighr day than today and
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the leading edge of the colder air will be showing up on the weather map and that will begin rolling into town and by the end of the week, it looks like things will be significantly colder and we may not have an easy time breaking the 32 degrees mark. this is the five-day forecast and show you what we're talking about. tomorrow, 44 and still quiet here on thursday and not bad. touching close to 50 degrees on thursday and friday, that is perfect for afternoon snow and snow may continuespo into saturday and 28 degrees on saturday, depending on the storm track and sunday, staying on the cold side, 31 degrees and hey, lucky for me, laura. i'm working this weekend a that is before the snowstorm. i get to baby sit this all week. >> oh, boy. we'll talk about the next few days. >> yeah. >> and thank you very much. >> a big night at the verizon center. dave feldman is getting ready for kobe bryant and the lakers. >> that is right. the lakers have 33 wins and tied with the cavs and when we come back, a preview of how to
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stop kobe bryant. the news edge at 6 continues.
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>> hi, everybody, i'm dave feldman live. the last time the wizards beat the lakers, december 17th-- 17th, 2006 in los angeles. gilbert arenas scored 60 points. the lakers going five in a row and the lakers are 33-11. the wizards a disappointing 14 and 29. this is the final game. the longest home stand of the season. and after winning the first two games, washington dropped the last three and sunday's 14- point setback to the clippers and one player looking forward to facing the lakers, big man brendan hey wad. >> can't get up for the lakers can't get up for anybody, right? the best team in the west. everyone will be excited to play and the best, best team in the west, the champ croons and
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on the lake. a lot of things tget excited about, you know. >> your team responded to challenges. we can document what a difficult year it's been. when you played good teams, it seems you have them wilted, right? the team rose to the challenges. >> think everyone has pride and when you play against a team the lakers or orlando magic, if you don't come out there and bring your a game, you will get embarrassed. >> how have you done, brend ab. you can worry about yourself and mentally with all the distracts and everything going on how do you come to work and do your job. is it difficult? i don't know. the situation, pay to do a job and come in here and we object like professionals and do what we're paid to do. >> good attitude. now he has to deal with kobe bryant, tough and been playing since december 11 with the a fracture of his right index finger. the lacquers have gone 15-8 since the injury and kobe's shooting percentage is down to 40% and it's important for him
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to play through the pain. if you have -- if you have the injuries and to -- the play and don't do that and go about doing it. this is just a challenge coming with that. >> until news, the former redskins head coach is interviewing for the quarterback coaching position with the baltimore ravens. maryland is tied for first place in the acc and that'll host miami, the caps winners 6 in a row are on the road against the islanders. the big game, the lakers and wizards will have highlights on the news edge at 11. back to you. >> good stuff, feldy, thank you very much. see but in a bit. and now you have the news edge. the news is always on 
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